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European Parliament Calls for Recognition of Cycling Industry in EU Industrial Strategy

The European Parliament has issued a call to action, urging the European Commission to recognize the whole cycling industry as a key partner in the mobility ecosystem of the EU industrial strategy.

The resolution acknowledges the significant contributions of the cycling industry to the European economy and its potential for future growth: the European Parliament highlights the need for increased support by the EU to the industry investments, including funding for R&D and innovation, as well as support for the further development of cycling infrastructure.

The European Parliament also underlines the potential of e-bikes to increase cycling in Europe and notes that in order to maintain the swift deployment and access to e-bikes, those with assistance up to 25 km/h need to be given proper legal classification in both EU and national legislation.

The European Parliament also calls on the Commission and the Member States to support the production of ‘Made in Europe’ bicycles and components, thereby stimulating the competitiveness of EU industry. This includes bridging the funding gap between the public and private sectors, maintaining a global level playing field, stimulating supply chain reshoring and security, as well as encouraging high-quality jobs, the creation of cycling clusters and enhancing industry-related vocational training.

Manuel Marsilio, the General Manager of CONEBI, and President Erhard Büchel, greeted the resolution with enthusiasm: "The bicycle, e-bike, parts & accessories industries in Europe welcome with excitement the European Parliament's call on both the European Commission and EU Member States to develop an EU Cycling Strategy: this is a landmark appeal for the steady growth of the whole sector and a clear recognition of its crucial role in the mobility ecosystem of the EU industrial strategy. We would like to thank the TRAN Committee Chair Karima Delli for being the first one to strongly believe in the importance of this resolution and we look forward to having an open dialogue with the European Commission as well as with national governments in collaboration with our members and cycling advocacy partners."

“This resolution sends a clear message that the European Parliament recognizes the key role that the cycling industry plays in the EU's economy and society,” said Andreas Gaggl, General Manager of  the Austrian Vehicle Industry Association. “We will continue to engage with our national ministries in order to make Austria part of this very promising scenario at European level. To be integrated/re-elaborated.

The recent resolution by the European Parliament marks a turning point in the advancement of cycling as a key mode of transport: it does not only emphasize the economic and industrial significance of the cycling industry, but it also sends a strong message to other EU policy makers about the crucial role cycling plays in building a sustainable future for Europe. The resolution calls for increased investment in cycling infrastructure and the acceleration of the EuroVelo network, as well as the harmonization of data collection on cycling. It also encourages EU Member States to reduce VAT rates for the supply, rental, and repair of bikes and e-bikes from a fiscal policy perspective.

Furthermore, the resolution encourages local and regional authorities to maintain the cycling infrastructure put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising cost of fossil fuels. The European Parliament's request for a dedicated inter-institutional European cycling strategy aims to double the number of kilometres cycled by 2030.

Finally, the resolution calls on the Commission to designate 2024 as the European Year of Cycling: ‘’this resolution serves as a historic message and a significant step towards our ultimate objective of strengthening the cycling ecosystem in Europe’’ concluded Manuel Marsilio, CONEBI’s General Manager, and Erhard Büchel, CONEBI President.

The text of the resolution can be found here.

For any questions, you can contact Manuel Marsilio at manuel.marsilio@conebi.eu or +32471064775

European Parliament calls to double cycling in Europe by 2030