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17. April 2019

Manifesto – European Automotive and Telecoms Alliance (EATA)

As global players launch new products and services in the automotive and transport sectors, EATA calls for a new, digitally-driven mobility ecosystem to be created in the EU

Safer and cleaner cars moving smoothly across Europe, less congested cities, increased productivity in the logistics sector, and self-driving vehicles making lives easier are just some of the things we can expect.
In this context, EATA has just launched its manifesto to accelerate the deployment of connected and automated mobility (CAM) in Europe. In the manifesto, four enabling principles for creating the right policy environment are central:

  1.  Enable a clear framework aimed at fostering investment and innovation;
  2. Avoid fragmentation through coordination of policy initiatives;
  3. Recognise that technology neutrality is critical to the development of connected and automated mobility;
  4. Accelerate cooperation on the global stage.